Perhaps at no time in the history of Christendom has there been so much understanding of the word of God and the consequence revaluation of its authority, inspiration, and inerrancy as it is these days. Also perhaps there is no other time in the history of mankind when so much is attempted constantly and almost nonstop, by a group of faithful men and women of God all around the globe who have set apart themselves, to strengthen and encourage faithfulness and commitment to the revealed body of truth as it is these days. It, however, does not mean that there is no otherwise to this commitment. For there are obvious challenges one can find at each level of its kind in order to disprove the authority, inspiration, and inerrancy of the word of God in his struggle to be faithful and committed to it.

 The primary purpose of NEHTS, in the midst of these challenges, is to join hands with these faithful and committed men and women to the revealed body of truth, especially in the area of training those who are called and faithful to minister the word to those who seek its instruction and exhortation for bringing about the transformation of the self, family, church and of the society he or she lives in so to declare His glory among the nations …….( Psalm 96:3)

 We have a purpose with God to establish the believer in the word of God and also work with men, women, institutions, missions, and churches that are like-minded to contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints so that together we may prepare the harvesters who have not only the zeal for God but also the knowledge of the word (Romans 10:12). Hence our often repeated emphasis is to train men and women of God for teaching, exhorting, evangelizing and also making them to a social worker. Thus I, the principal of the Nepal Evangelical Holiness Theological Seminary family, on behalf of the seminary family, am greatly honored and privileged to invite you all to join your hand in many ways possible to reach this glorious purpose successfully.

Gambhir Rai Principal

  • Nationality: Nepalese

  • Marital Status: Married

  • Degrees Earned: B. Th., from Grace Bible College, Haryana, India, B.A. from TU & M.Th. from ACA, Bangalore, India

  • Graduated: 2009

  • Present Ministry Involvement: Pastor of Ebenezer Fellowship Church