When N.E.H.T.S Alumnae started?

  • First Meeting on 17th May 2016.

  • Second Meeting on 13th June 2016.

  • Third Meeting on 30th November 2016.

  • Fourth Meeting on 29th May 2018.

  • Fifth meeting on 2 Dec, 2018

  • Sixth meeting on 13th May, 2019

Discussion and Decision

1.  Formation of N.E.H.T.S Alumnae   Association.

2.  Selection of N.E.H.T.S Alumnae association executive board members.

3.  Setting Important rules.

4.  Setting the MOTO and GOALS of the N.E.H.T.S   alumnae association.

5.  Fund raising system.

6. Alumnae visit

7. Pre-Christmas

8. chapel hosting

N.E.H.T.S  1st alumnae board members.

1. Chair Person:- Ps. Serka Bahadur Tamang.

2. Vice Chair Person:- Ps. David Bholan .

3.General Secretary:- Mrs. Sarmila Shrestha

4.Secretary:- Mr. Abinash Titung.

5.Treasurer:- Miss. Usha Ghale.

6.Senior Advisor:-  Rev. Dr. Pang Chang In

7.Advisor:- Ps. Gambir Rai and Ps Netra lal Tamrakhar

Goals of N.E.H.T.S Alumnae

  1. Prayer, Fellowship, and communication.

  2. Social Work.

  3. Vocational Training.

  4. Promoting and Publicity of College.

  5. Visiting and Helping the alumnae’s’ ministry.

  6. Working together with College.


Communicating, Equipping and Co-operating the Alumnae.


Fund Raising System.

Active member registration fee.

  Rs. 500 only.

 Monthly offering.

  Rs. 50 only.

 Free will offering


Achievements of Alumni Association

  • Alumni visit

  • Chapel hosting

  • Pre- Christmas Celebration

  • Sports Fellowship

  • Participation in the Spiritual Seminar of NEHTS

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