Nehts Ambition


NEHTS sees that the shaped servants of God with Christ-centered sound theological, spiritual and behavioral education preaching, teaching, exhorting and healing the people in the land of Nepal and transforming the world with living and eternal word of God.


NEHTS is on its mission task to produce godly pastors, scripture-based teachers and mission-spirit leaders to serve Nepali Churches and to lead every aspect of social affairs so that the Kingdom of God will be extended and God be glorified.


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Words from Principal

The primary purpose of NEHTS, in the midst of these challenges, is to join hands with these faithful and committed men and women to the revealed body of truth, especially in the area of training those who are called and faithful to minister the word to those who seek its instruction

Words from Principal

Moments at Seminary

Within our vibrant halls, you will find dedicated educators who are passionate about guiding our students towards success. They go above and beyond to provide a stimulating curriculum that nurtures academic brilliance, critical thinking, and creativity.

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An Overview To Our NEHTS COLLEGE.